we are the JOYs

+ there is 4 of us- hence the 4JOY

+our favorite thing to capture is...(YOU Guessed it)...JOY

Casey + Josh JOYner

meet the reno tahoe wedding+elopement photographer videographer team

Josh + I met in math class in high school, first day of my freshmen year --some more cheesy lines--it was love at first sight & the rest is history. We've been together roughly 10 years & married for almost 6. We have 3 boys: our first born fur baby Jersey, then Jax + Cash.

We love to go on "adventures" the boys call it--hiking, traveling & spending time in nature. We are rarely home, but when we were are, you'll find us having random daily dance parties & making yummy food. Family is our #1.



The person behind all the emails and social media accounts. Nice to meet ya!! I've been a wedding photographer for 3 years, but you could say 19. I remember when I was 5 years old at my aunt's wedding, she had disposable cameras on every table. I ran around snapping photos of anything & everything--totally mimicking the actual paid photographer. Looking back now, I see that moment was the start of my destiny.

My favorite part of being a wedding photographer, is capturing the little details that mean SOO much. Although small, they mean the most to you & in return that means the most to me! Capturing your joy is my #1 priority.

+ I'm an enneagram 2w3 & I just love people! I'm definitely an extrovert. I can spend any day with friends & family or exploring somewhere I've never been. I love trying new food, 90s rap, & I'm a reality tv junkee!! (Proud member of Bachelor Nation!!) 

The man with many hats!! Second shooter & badass videographer. Oh & a really cute husband & incredible dad!!
First of all, Josh is a storyteller! Always has been, always will be. He loves to tell "Joyner classics" as we call them (stories we will never forget).

That's why videography was the BEST fit for him. Through his videos, he is able to tell your love story & feel the emotion. 

Even when you're old & grey, you can throw on your wedding video & it will feel like you're in the moment all over again. Josh will turn your wedding day into a "classic" & the video will allow you to never forget.

+ Josh is an enneagram 8w3 & is also an extrovert! Opposites did not attract in our case haha!

Josh used to play college football & now, is a full time personal trainer. If he's not with his people or hiking with the fam, he's probably at the gym!



our why

why we do what we do

we are all about JOY if you didn't notice + we believe your most joyous moments should be captured for you to relive them over & over again

our philosophy

photos shouldn't be something you dread

Not only should you vibe with whoever you choose to capture your most important moments, you should feel comfortable & trust them to make you feel amazing & hot fire flames!!! When you get your photos back, you should feel something, like you're right back in the moment--laughing, giggling, warm, happy, passionate....whatever it may be. Getting photos are more than just receiving images, its an experience--it should be a fun one! The person you choose should do all these things for you because that's what gets you the real raw emotion & magic! Are we those people for you??

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