come as
you are


you belong here

we are about to have a blast

heads up:
we're going to love the sh*t out of you!

you do you booboo!
 we're here to capture your story

this is about you...not our instagram feed



we take the time to get to know you so that your personalities, your relationship + what matters most to you shines through our work 

it's a joyful one!

let's play games + we will give you playful prompts to guide you into a pose rather than tweak your head a little to the right & little up &... you get the point! 

weddings + elopements

We are here to make your day enjoyable

we do more than just work a camera. we help with planning: provide resources, vendor recommendations, + help build your timeline

you bet your bottom dollar we'll be the first to help button your dress so your mom doesn't break a nail, tie a tie because no one knows how (we've been taking classes through Youtube University), + hold your dress while you pee. You name it, we're there for YOU!

what our people are saying....

kind words

wedding wire


the knot


"CASEY!! We are looking at all of these with the biggest smile, they just get better and better!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! There are not enough words to describe how much we LOVE these pictures and how PERFECT they are!!!"

"LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Casey and Josh are not only the greatest couple on earth but also the greatest photographer/ videographer there is! Any session scheduled with them is sure to be amazing and filled with JOY. If you want a couple to be more than just your photographer/videographer they are the ones to choose!"

"Stoppp!! we cannot wait to shoot again! seriously it was such a natural experience. very grateful for you!"

"Our experience with Josh Joyner was incredible. The quality of the product that he created absolutely blew me away. When my wife and I first watched the video, we were brought to tears. It is obvious that Josh put his heart and soul into our video."

"Our whole family uses 4joymedia to capture memories. After doing one shoot with Casey and Josh you’ll understand the hype. This dynamic duo brings ALL the good energy and confidence to your session. If you’re doubting your ability to pose naturally or not feeling the most self confident- these two beautiful humans make you feel like a million bucks, for real. They are very inclusive to our same sex relationship and made us feel super comfortability sharing our love in a public setting. Casey has a very friendly giggle that makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever and Josh is a very calm and relaxing energy if you’re feeling anxious. These two definitely knew what they’re doing when they teamed up together for business but also for life. They are such a power couple in all aspects and provide you with some of the most beautiful memories you get to cherish forever. Adore them and their work.


you got what I neeeeeeed!

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